11 June 2008

Tesco Voucher Codes for VIPs

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Some of you may remember a story from some times ago about staff at one of Tesco’s main call centres in Dundee using voucher codes to purchase items online such as groceries, alcohol, wine, cigarettes, DVD’s and electronics online.

These were not the normal voucher codes Tesco releases to its customers, they were “VIP Codes” designated to a number of celebrities, sport stars and influential people. These discount codes were for the VIP’s to use for shopping online and offered larger discounts, sometimes as much as 90% off a shop.

This proved too tempting for some of the staff who knew about these codes and they set about creating accounts and putting through large orders of goods and then paying a fraction of the price.

Tesco Voucher Codes are not assigned individually so anyone could of used these codes, if these codes had been posted on a voucher site online then there would have been a stampede of orders and a huge logistical mess for Tesco to resolve, luckily the fraud was spotted by investigators, perhaps wondering why celebs were buying 1000 Benson and Hedges at a time.

Fourteen staff were sacked or suspended and one woman involved was said to of defrauded more than £13,000.