11 June 2008

Top 3 Ways to Spend Your Tesco Clubcard Points

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Top 3 ways to spend your Tesco Clubcard Points

Summer is fast approaching which means I get to spend all the Tesco clubcard points I’ve diligently been saving!

I save the points throughout the year and then put them to good use with either a holiday, trip somewhere nice or enough wine to last the summer (and maybe sink a battleship).

For those that don’t know Tesco over “Deals” where you can trade in clubcard points for offers at 4 x the value of the points.

For example, I have a £20 worth of clubcard vouchers, I can send these off (either by mail or online) to Tesco who will send me back £80 of vouchers – not bad is it!

I’ve not decided how to spend my vouchers yet but I’ve a few ideas that I’m going to share with you in case you were also having trouble. So here are my top 3 uses for spending Tesco clubcard points!

  1. A holiday in France

If you’ve children then you probably shop quite a bit at Tesco and have racked up a good amount of clubcard points.

You can exchange these at a rate of £2.50 for £10.00 with French Life:

“French Life have been organising great value self-catering holidays for over 20 years. They offer a comprehensive range of accommodation in the widest choice of destinations in France's favourite holiday regions. Choose from superbly located campsites and apartments offering recreations and entertainments on-site, or country cottages in deepest France and sun-soaked villas with private pools overlooking the sea.”

While the 1000 point codes on a £50 spend are not so common any more I’ve still managed to save up a good amount of points which could be put towards this. Over a Year 10,000 clubcard points should be within reach of most online shoppers taking advantage of the extra point codes for groceries and wine.

10,000 points = £100 Clubcard Vouchers which can be exchanged for a £400 voucher for French Life.

  1. Alton Towers

Trips to Theme Parks can soon add up to quite a bit of money so why not trade in £8.50 of Tesco clubcard points for one day entry token.

“Escape on an amazing adventure to the Alton Towers Resort and experience unlimited family fun all year round! A brand new land called Mutiny Bay has anchored on the theme park for 2008, with three fantastic family attractions! Embark on a mission aboard the new Battle Galleons interactive water ride and prove yourself as a fully fledged pirate, set sail on a spinning sensation upon Marauder's Mayhem and prepare the crew for Heave Ho!”

Food can be quite expensive in these places so why not order a Tesco shop and take a nice picnic (they have some great parks there).

  1. RAC Family cover

This might be the boring option but with the extra travel in the school holidays it’s worth ensuring you are covered if any problem arises. For £30.50 in clubcard points you get full family cover for 1 year as detailed below:

“Roadside assistance anywhere in the UK 24 hours a day, 365 days a year providing you are at least a quarter of a mile from home. If RAC can't fix your car by the roadside within a reasonable time, they will tow you to the nearest garage or destination of your choice within 10 miles.

Family Cover will assist a further four named members of your household.”