11 October 2009

Tesco iPhone app!

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Last month Tesco attempted to release an iPhone shopping application into the Apple store. However, due to a few minor technical issues the app was returned back to Tesco to fix. 

The application allows Tesco customers to find the nearest Tesco score and once inside to find various products. The app will be limited at first, don't expect it to be able to track down every product yet. 

There is no news yet on whether it will provide pricing information of the ability to complete orders online. Hopefully they will develop this functionality in the future! Perhaps not the shopping part but the ability to reorder would be great! 

Since its launch on Saturday , more than 1000 users have downloaded the application. Users have said that real time prices are not yet showing and that in stores where mobile signals are week it doesn't work well. 

Tesco.com head of R & D Nick Lansley explained that Tesco is working on improving the appearance of the app. He said the service does not have access to real time pricing at the moment but the functionality is being worked on. 

"We do not show current stock levels beacuse we could not be accurate. If Tesco Finder says a product is not at the store and you cannot spot it, you only need to ask a member of staff to check it for you"

On the subject of weak signals in some stores he said:

"Providing free Wi-Fi is a great idea on paper, but this may provide challenges as we use Wi-Fi so much in our staff devices. Our store-based IT staff will have to think about this one - so no promises,"