25 October 2009

Great Deal from Tesco! Must Read!

Use the code TDX-TMBL on Tesco Direct for 500 extra points on a £30 spend. This can be used in conjunction with certain mobile phones on Tesco Direct that give you another 500 points when purchasing.

For example the Vodafone 533 PAYG is £34.24, you will get 1068 clubcard points from this purchase which can be exchanged for £42.70 in Deals Vouchers! So if you are planning a trip to Pizza Express or some Christmas shopping you can buy a new phone and get £42 off your day out or meal!


Buy a Nokia 5030: http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.206-5064.aspx for £34.35

You get 68 Clubcard points for the purchase, 500 points for spending £30 on Tesco direct and 500 points with the phone promotion giving you 1068 points.

This can be converted to 4 x the value for any of these Deals here:

So... lets work it out. You spent £34.35 on the phone and you get back:

1 new Nokia Mobile Phone
£10 of phone credit
£42.50 in Clubcard Deal vouchers

Not bad!!!
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