19 June 2009

Yahoo Article - Tesco Voucher Codes Blog

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There are a number of ways to easily save money during the economic downturn. 

As food has become more expensive and is a necessity I'll list a few ideas about how you can reduce your weekly grocery bill. As well as saving money I'm also looking to save time. 

If I can reduce an hour spent in the supermarket to less than a few minutes then that's an hour I can spend productively earning money.  

This takes me to shopping online. If buying perishable goods (fruit/veg etc) then I like to see what I'm buying but each week I also buy other goods such as toiletries, tinned goods, cleaning products, frozen food. This usually means a 15 minute drive to the nearest supermarket, finding a parking space, taking a trolley around for 30 minutes, queuing at the checkout, packing the groceries, driving home.  

I'm spending time, spending money on petrol etc. If you choose to shop online you can save time, save money and usually get vouchers for money off the shopping.  

Tesco Online allows you to set up lists for regular items you buy so if say you buy the following each week: washing powder/bread/soup/toilet paper/ham/cheese/milk/tea/coffee You can havce these preset on your list. When you login to do a shop you can then just add or remove items as needed. Search online for money off, A quick check at http://tescovouchercodes.blogspot.com reveals a voucher code for £10 off when you spend £50. 

So you get 20% off your shopping! Not only that but you get the groceries delivered to your door (for a small delivery fee). Keep an eye out for the codes offering extra clubcard points, you can now exchange clubcard points for 4 x the value for other products. A voucher code offering 500 points on a £50 shop will potentially give you a £20 voucher for the Theatre/Pizza Express and a number of other retailers.