29 June 2009

Which Survey on number of carrier bags used for online shopping

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Tesco and Sainsburys have been criticised for sending too many carrier bags with their online grocery deliveries. A survey was done where 29 items were ordered from the big 5 supermarkets and then the number of bags used was counted. 

Tesco sent some sausages, a bottle of washing up liquid and a  pack of mince in separate bags which drew criticism, Sainsburys was mentioned for sending a multibag of 6 packets of crisps on its own in one bag. 

Sainburys mentioned it was investigating the bag with the crisps and that it's drivers are trained to use minimal numbers of bags, they can also take back bags for reuse or recycling.

Tesco said it gives its customers the option to have online shopping delivered in crates which are taken back with the driver and that tests had shown it uses the least number of carrier bags in deliveries. 

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