18 August 2009

Double Clubcard Points - It's like 8% back when using Tesco Deals

In response to increased market share at Waitrose and competition from discount retailers like Aldi, Lidl and Netto, Tesco has doubled the number of Clubcard points on its loyalty scheme.

Whilst Tesco's sales grew 5 percent the market average was 5.6 percent so this increase in points can be seen as an attempt to close the gap with it's supermarket rivals. 

So what does this actually mean for you the shopper? especially the online shopper. Well, it's great news. There are a number of voucher codes online at the moment that can be used when shopping or purchasing wine/champagne.

There is currently a 750 point code when spending £50 on wine. The £50 spend would give you 100 clubcard points and then a bonus 750 points.

850 points used as a Clubcard deal = 4 x their value so £34 in Clubcard Deal vouchers.

I've done this deal myself, spent £50 on wine and got a £34 voucher for Pizza Express! 

Code is: XXVMGR