16 May 2009

Tesco Clubcard Double Reward Points

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Tesco In-Store Rewards

Tesco have recently updated their clubcard reward scheme so you can now use your points to get double rewards by exchanging them for use instore.

You can still get double this by using the Tesco Partner Scheme where a £5.00 voucher is worth £20.00, but if you prefer to get goods at Tesco e.g. Tesco Direct or Tesco Wine then the in-store vouchers are a good option. There is no reason to be using your clubcard points for purchasing at the till when you can get double or quadruple the value!

Don't forget to use a Tesco Voucher Code when purchasing at Tesco Online, recent coupons for extra clubcard points are on the site now!

If you have £5.00 of Tesco Clubcard Vouchers you can get a £10.00 voucher for use in the following Tesco Departments:

*Baby & Toddler
*Cosmetics, Skincare and Fragrance
*Flowers, plants and gardening
*Tesco Mobile
*Tesco Wine
*Instant Travel Insurance
*Instant Breakdown Insurance

When your Clubcard Vouchers arrive you can exchange them either online or post, online is usually the easiest way.

Tesco Partner Rewards

Tesco still has the partner scheme where you can exchange a £5.00 voucher for £20.00 of vouchers, see the available partners HERE