12 December 2008

Tesco Half Price Sale

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Tesco is slashing prices by 50% on a number of product lines concentrating on Christmas essentials.

Tesco’s commercial director, Richard Brasher, said the price cuts were in response to surveys it had done, which found that customers were reluctant to spend early on certain items in case they were later discounted.

He said: “Customers are telling us that they are delaying their main Christmas purchases as they wait for bargains. Some say that a bit of the pleasure they usually get from buying gifts has gone in the current climate.

“Our Half Price Sale reassures customers that we’re not making them wait. They’ve told us they still want to enjoy a special Christmas, with big presents for their children and a proper Christmas meal, but they want us to help make their money go further.”

Example Price Reductions:

Isla Negra Chardonnay Was £7.49 now £3.74

Codorniu Vintage Rose Cava Was £10.99 now £5.49

Hardys Crest Cabernet Sauvignon Was £8.99 now £4.49

Tesco Oak Smoked Scottish Salmon 400g Was £10.98 now £5.49

Tesco Creamy Brie 350g Was £2.69 now £1.34

Foxs Creations 700g Was £.8.80 now £4.00

Kylie Minogue – Showtime 50ml Fragrance – Was £26 now £13

David Beckham – Instinct After Dark 30ml – Was £17.50 now £8.75

Natural Extracts Gift Basket – Was £8 now £4

Tesco Finest Crackers Was £20 now £10

Boxed Cards – all lines Half Price