10 November 2008

Save Money at Christmas using Tesco Voucher Codes

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1) Always use a voucher code when grocery shopping.

Many of you will have noticed that codes are expiring quicker than usual and there are not many valid codes at present (especially the extra clubcard point ones). Codes are being released but with limited usage so keep checking the site for new codes. I expect some Christmas codes to be released shortly.

2) Don’t save clubcard points for groceries

Lots of people store up Tesco voucher codes for Christmas groceries, in this economic downturn it’s better to redeem the vouchers on Tesco's special 'Clubcard Deals' and points' value will increase four-fold. In other words, a voucher worth a fiver in-store is worth £20 if you exchange it this way, for deals including days out, gifts, jewellery, magazine subscriptions and more.

3) Check the grocery deals such as BOGOF

At Christmas we tend to purchase more food and we also might be entertaining a lot more. Buy one get one free or ‘BOGOF’ deals are listed on the Tesco site, if buying extra food or Christmas presents these can come in useful, the savings soon add up.

4) Use a price comparison site such as MySupermarket.co.uk

mySupermarket.co.uk will compare prices at the major supermarkets.

mySupermarket is the only supermarket price comparison website where you can shop from all 4 online supermarkets in one place. As you shop from one of the supermarkets, we show you the price of your trolley in the others so that you know whether you’re getting a good deal

If your trolley is cheaper from another supermarket, you can switch at any stage, or start from a different supermarket next time.

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