01 January 2006

Welcome to Tesco Voucher Codes

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Welcome to the home of Tesco Voucher Codes!

Here you can find the most up to date voucher codes for online Tesco shopping for groceries/wine/books etc.
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New posts will arrive as more voucher codes are released by Tesco, coming next is a brief description of how these vouchers work:

These voucher codes offer discounts (e.g. £10 off when you spend £75) or extra clubcard points (e.g. 500 extra points on a £50 spend).

Example 1:
£10 off when you spend £75.00, Ok, this code means you need to spend at least £75 and you will get £10 off, the £75.00 is a total spend, the goods in the basket need to be at or over £75.00, you enter the code into the "vouchers/codes" section in the checkout and you will see £10 deducted from the total.

Example 2:
1000 free points when you spend £80.00, Same applies here, spend £80 or over and enter the voucher code, you will see a new line added to the total with £0.01 and the name of the deal.It's best to ensure that goods on delivery meet or exceed the required spend, so if your taking advantage of any BOGOF (Buy one get one free) deals, ensure that when these have been accounted for and the total spend is still at least the required minimum spend.

The points don't usually get added straight away, they can take a few days/weeks to appear on the online statement, call Tesco Clubcard should need an update on when they might be added if taking too long.